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Do you remember the original Toy Story movie? I sure do, it was our one of our oldest son’s favorites when it came out back in 1995. He was just 5 years old at the time. What a great movie!

We all fell in love with Buzz Lightyear and Woody and the whole gang. Somehow you almost felt like our toys could really come to life. And while we know that is not true there was still something about these toys that made them so special to Andy the little boy they belonged to.

I think this picture speaks volumes. You see Andy was so in love with his favorite cowboy toy that he wanted to be sure anyone that might pick him up would know who Woody belonged to. So he wrote his name right there on the bottom of his boot. Yep there was no mistaking the owner.

Well, we are no different. You see, before any of us were born we already belonged to God and He already had His name on us.

He created us and gave us life and not just any ordinary life but a life with His perfect plan for each of us, if we only choose to allow Him to lead us and guide us.

I suspect that like myself many of you at times feel like you just don’t belong. Am I right? It isn’t hard to feel that way in today’s world. We can become so busy and distracted by the demands of life that we may find ourselves feeling lonely or just misplaced. Maybe you see things on social media that stirs some of these emotions in you. And please for the record know that I am not saying social media is something we should stay away from. Not at all. I think it is and can be a very helpful tool and also a fun way to connect with others. But if we are not careful we will start the comparison game and that can be a very slippery slope to many lies the enemy would like us to believe. But…..

Here is the truth: YOU BELONG

That’s it, nothing else needs to be said. God has His name on each of us and unlike even the ink on Woody’s boot it can never be washed away. Take comfort and rest and find your joy in this beautiful fact today. You are a child of the King.

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