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What do you think of when you here the word “upkeep?” Well I can tell you what springs to mind for me. Today I was in my laundry just getting a load of wash going. I looked around as I was putting in the detergent and softener, trying not to stare to long at the mess that has slowly accumulated in this particular room. But today I couldn’t help letting my thoughts focus on the disarray I was seeing. And I asked myself “How did it get this way so fast?” Not realizing it has been several months since I have paid proper attention to the “upkeep” of this area of our home.

So this word lingered with me throughout the day. I just kept hearing it in my thoughts. And I realized the Lord was using this word to get my attention. So I looked up the definition and here is what it says.

UPKEEP: the process of keeping something in good condition

I know this word can apply to so many places in our lives. The first thing that comes to mind for most of us when we hear it is keeping our house in order, agree? This is of course being a proper steward of what God has placed in our hands.

But even more important and what I believe the Lord was talking to me about today was the upkeep of my heart and relationship with Him.

It is vital. I know this to be a truth. So what does this mean? It means taking the time to be with the Lord. This is the best investment in our lives that we can make. The reward is immeasurable and priceless.

And it goes without saying that this investment doesn’t just happen. We have to make the choice the that above all else this will take top priority in our lives.

Now here is where I want to encourage us all. Please do not allow defeat or discouragement to creep in. We will have days where we get delayed, or interrupted, or whatever happens. (you fill in the blank) and we don’t get that quiet time with Him. But God created us all. He knows all of our imperfections. And most of all He knows our hearts. Isn’t that a beautiful thought? He is for us! Always!

And when we can truly accept this and make the upkeep of our relationship with Him the priority, here are some of the benefits we will gain.

We will begin to see growth in our lives, unspeakable joy, and a peace that passes all understanding. And you will also see your time for all the other things in our lives that need upkeep will just be multiplied. Just an amazing fact.

Choose today to SEEK HIM FIRST.

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