I am so glad you are here. Let me tell you what you can expect when you visit and what led me to begin this blog and how I chose the name.

This blog has been in the works for several years now. I have been wrestling with what my niche would be. You see everything you read about blogging tells you to choose your niche. My problem was I just couldn’t see to settle on what mine should be.

But now I know.

Here it is. I have struggled for quite some time thinking I had to have it all just so in order to get going. I needed to get all my dents fixed right?  I guess I just thought if I could just get it all right before I launched myself into cyberspace then I would have a better chance of making an impact. If  I were not “dented.” (hence the name)

Well forget that idea! That is when the light bulb came on. I want to encourage and reach anyone and everyone out there like myself that thinks they can’t accomplish certain things in life unless they can be sure it will be “undented.” But truthfully that is just not possible.

And the result of this idea is remaining paralyzed with uncertainty and not doing anything. And who misses out when we swallow this kind of thinking? You guessed it, EVERYONE DOES. You miss out because you never realize your potential and dreams. And others miss out because you do have something to share.

I believe we all have different gifts and talents. These were not bestowed on us to keep for ourselves, but to share and impact the lives of others.

So that is what you can expect from me. You will get to know me dents and all. I am still growing, learning and changing all the time. I will not always have perfect grammar. I may even have the occasional run on sentence or misspelled word. But even if that is the case the words will still be real and from my heart.

I have decided to embrace the fact that we are all DENTED BY DESIGN. And that to me is a beautiful freedom to accept.

And lastly I want to for sure give credit to a very long time, dear friend of mine Jon. When I shared my desire and ideas for the blog he was able to come up with such a unique yet very fitting name. I am forever grateful for his part in helping me get off the ground.

Well that is our introduction I look forward to getting to know you and pray we can continue to find joy in our imperfections together.


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